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Hong Kong St. John Ambulance


What is The St. John Ambulance ?

The St. John Ambulance Association & Brigade is a single Foundation of The Most Venerable Order of Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, a very ancient Order delicated to the service of mankind without distinction of race, class or creed.

Although the St. John Ambulance Association was started in Hong Kong in 1884 and inaugurated in 1900, it was in fact the Brigade in practice without any clear distinction.

St. John is therefore one of the oldest Voluntary Agencies here, it has been active for many years during which time the Order has served the community and Government voluntarily by providing First Aid and Nursing Services during times of peace, civil unrest and war.

The St. John Ambulance Association is responsible for the instruction of members of the public in the principles and the practice of First Aid, Nursing, Hygiene and other allied aubject, together with the preparation, publication and the distribution of text books and other training aids to facilitate such instruction. The Association also organises examinations and issues certificate of proficiency to successful candidates in these subjects. It charges only modest fees for courses and examinations.

The St. John Ambulance Brigade is responsible for the organisation, training and the equipment of men, women and young persons to undertake, on a voluntary bassis, either as individuals or organised groups, First Aid, Nursing and allied activites in public places, places of employment or works, or elsewhere as occasions may require, for the welfare of those in need.


The Association and the Brigade are also responsible for teaching boys and girls First Aid, Nursing and other subjects which will help towards their becomming good, responsible and caring citizens of the community.

This is not an official HomePage of Hong Kong St. John Ambulance, just some brief information about Hong Kong St. John Ambulance.
Written by Mr. Johnny K.L. AU-YEUNG (A member of The Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade).

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Last modified date : 21 May, 2001.