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This page is divided into four sections: (I) Kant portals; (II) email discussion lists, blogs, etc.; (III) Kant Societies; and (IV) Multimedia and Interesting Stuff.


I. Kant Portals

(Note: many links given at these web sites are already included elsewhere on this web site.)

·      Filosofico.net's Immanuel Kant resources and links (Italian).

·      Lawrence M. Hinman, Kant and Kantian Ethics.

·      Winfried Kraus' Immanuel-Kant-Seiten.

·      Richard Lee's Kant links.

·      Immanuel Kant in Italia (in Italian, sponsored by Dipartimento di Filosofia dell'Universita degli Studi di Milano); includes an extensive, year-by-year Bibliography of Italian Kant-literature since 1800.

·      Immanuel Kant Italian portal with sections: La Vita, Golassario, le opere, l' testi, bibliogrphia critica, and Kant su internet.

·      Siti dedicati alla filosofia di Immanuel Kant (Italian), sponsored by Sito Web Italiano per la Filosofia.

·      Studi Kantiani (Italian).

·      Peter Suber's Kant links.

·      Episteme Kant Links - Thomas Ryan Stone, Ohio State University

·      Tatsubumi Sugasawa's Kant homepage.

·      Kant in the Classroom A comprehensive web site on Kant, like lectures, English explanation of German glossary, Kant’s salary etc.

·      Gary Banham’s Kant Links

·      Kantians.org (“articles, reviews, links, and other Kantiana”)



II. E-mail discussion lists, Blogs, etc.

·      Kant-L (Yahoo Group) For serious discussion of Kant's thought and related areas. Contributions in German are particularly welcome. Messages publicly available, but posting privilege limited to members only. (Follow link on main page to join).

·      Lance Fletcher's slow reading list on the First Critique, Third Critique (Yahoo Group). Messages publicly available, but posting privilege limited to members only. (Follow link on main page to join).

·      alt.philosophy.kant. The major USEnet newsgroup on Kant. If you can't get it from your local ISP, you can get it here from Deja.

·      Kant Blog By Andrew Roche. “A discussion forum about the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. And stuff.”

·      Kant Wesley Web Log Click “Kant thoughts” for more on Kant

·      ClassicsBookDiscussionGroup A short condensed 2 week study/discussion on Kant's Critique of Judgment.

·      Reddit.com/r/kant – User submitted questions, comments, and anything else related to Immanuel Kant and his philosophy!


III. Kant Societies

·      North American Kant Society

·      U.K.K.S. UK Kant society  

·      Norwegian Kant Society

·      Romanian Kant Society

·      Kant-Gesellschaft German Kant Society

·      Sociedade Kant Brasileira Brazilian Kant society

·      Immanuel Kant in Italia Italian Kant Society

·      Società Italiana di Studi Kantiani Italian Kant Society

·      Japanese Studygroup of Immanuel Kant, Tokyo Japanese Kant Society


IV. Multimedia (Videos, CDs, Mp3’s, Podcasts, etc.) and Interesting stuff

(Don't miss the images and other interesting stuff located on this web site!)

·      Kant98 CD (US$30 individuals; US$75 institutions); edited by Stephen Palmquist.

·      InfoSoftWare's Kant im Kontext

·      Lawrence M. Hinman, on-line video: "Kant's Ethics."

·      An audio program on Kant produced by Knowledge Products (in the Giants of Philosophy series; $17.95 + shipping; Order on-line or phone 1-800-876-4332. This three hour program, narrated by Charton Heston, comes on two cassette tapes for $17.95 or on CD for $19.95. Promoted by publisher as providing an overview of Kant's life and works. Unabridged Books on Audio Cassette and CD, Kant's Foundations of Ethics and Toward Lasting Peace.

·      Kant VHS / DVD Bryan Magee and Geoffrey Warnock discuss the philosophy of Kant

·      Kant in 90 Minutes By Paul Strathern (Multimedia)

·      Fora.tv video of Keith Ward on Kant's Triumph of Idealism (Gresham College)

·      Three Minute Philosophy – Immanuel Kant (on youtube)

·      Susan Stuart’s 2008-2009 Kant Podcasts (from the article mentioned below!)

·      Many podcasts/mp3’s can be downloaded for free from the itunes store, particularly through iTunes U.


·      News on December 2006:

o      BBC Radio 4: “an iTunes podcast of lectures on Kant's epistemology as the surprise number one download in education.”!!

o      Kant take my iTunes off you

·      Toy Kant

·      Immanuel Kant at Uncyclopedia

·      Products of Kant at cafepress.com

·      Kant posters in AllPosters.com

·      Listen to Anthony Grayling say why you should vote for Immanuel Kant on BBC Radio 4

·      Kant: Most famous male celibate!

·      Grave of Immanuel Kant.




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