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·      Kent Baldner, Transcendental Idealism and the Fact/Value Dichotomy, in The Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy, 3 (Spring 1995).

·      Anthony F. Beavers

o          Kant and the Problem of Ethical Metaphysics (pdf)

o          A Philosophical Fragment on Kant: That Ideas Cannot Represent the Independently Real

·      Sanderson Beck, Federalist Peace Plans of Bentham and Kant.

·      Wim van BinsbergenSensus communis or sensus particularis? Immanuel Kant in Africa – A social-science comment

·      C. Blinderman & D. Joyce, The Views of Hume, Kant, and Whately upon the Logical Basis of the Doctrine of the Immortality of the Soul, Metaphysical Society (November 17, 1870).

·      Maria de Lourdes Borges, Hegel and Kant on the Ontological Argument in World Congress of Philosophy.

·      Janos Boros, Representationalism and Antirepresentationalism - Kant, Davidson and Rorty, in World Congress of Philosophy.

·      Arthur Brown, Was Kant a Mystic?

·      Rafael Capurro, Informationsethik nach Kant und Habermas.

·      John Clarke's outline of Kant's first Critique

·      Andrew Brook’s publications

·      Andrew N. Carpenter

o          Kant on the Theological Foundations of Newtonian Science

o          Entry (3,000 words) on Kant's Philosophy of Mind, in The Dictionary of the Philosophy of Mind, edited by Chris Eliasmith, 1999.

o          Kant, the Body, and Knowledge" in The Paideia Project Online: Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, edited by Stephen Dawson, 1999-.

·      Mason Cash, Distancing Kantian Ethics and Politics from Kant's Views on Women, from: Minerva: An Internet Journal of Philosophy Vol. 6 2002.

·      Edmundo Cordeiro, O Penultimo Conflito de Immanuel Kant.

·      L. Hughes Cox, Aristotle's Ordinary versus Kant's Revisionist Definition of Virtue as Habit in World Congress of Philosophy.

·      Anthony David, Lyotard on the Kantian Sublime in World Congress of Philosophy.

·      Madam De Stael, The Philosophy of Kant, The Parents Review III 1892/3, pp 401-414.

·      Kevin S. Decker, Kant's two Erfahrungen: An Equivocation of 'experience' in the first Critique, in the online journal Minerva.

·      Brian Donohue, An Examination of Moral Action and Aesthetic Judgment in Kant's Critical Philosophy, Janus Head I.3 (Spring 1999).

·      Charles Ess, Three Approaches to Kant Values Analysis.

·      Scott David Foutz, On Kant's Notion of Moral Autonomy, Quodlibet Online Journal.

·      Grant Franks, Blake and Kant: Abstraction Opposed to the Visions of Imagination

·      Georg Geismann's home page contains dowloadable files for over 20 of his articles on Kant (most in German, some in English or with an English summary).

·      Nicholas F. Gier, "Last Judgment as Self-Judgment: Kant, Autonomy, and Divine Power", Indian Philosophical Quarterly 18 (January, 2001).

·      Richard Gilmore, Philosophical Beauty: The Sublime in the Beautiful in Kant's Third Critique and Aristotle's Poetics, in World Congress of Philosophy.

·      Robert Greenberg, Kant's Categories Reconsidered in World Congress of Philosophy

·      David A. Goldfarb's Kant's Aesthetics in Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground circulated in the Newsletter of the Society for Russian Religious Philosophy, 1, Spring 1995, 11-19.

·      Robert Hanna,  Kant and Nonconceptual Content

·      RM Hare's Could Kant have been a Utilitarian? An excerpt from Chapter 8 of his book Sorting out ethics(Oxford University Press, 1997).

·      G.W.F. Hegel, THE CRITICAL PHILOSOPHY from The Shorter Logic, (1817/30).

·      G.W.F. Hegel, B. Kant, in Section Three ("Recent German Philosophy") of Lectures on the History of Philosophy.

·      Richard Heinrich, Kant und die Methode der Philosophie.

·      Soraj Hongladarom, Categories and Logical Forms in Kant's Metaphysical Deduction.

·      Evald Ilyenkov, Kant, Logic and Dialectics.

·      Mathilde B. Jacobsen, Book Review of H.J. Glock, Strawson and Kant (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2003).

·      Priyedarshi Jetli, Knowledge by Invention: Extending a Kantian Dichotomy to a Poincarean Trichotomy in World Congress of Philosophy

·      Robert N. Johnson:

o          Weakness Incorporated, History of Philosophy Quarterly, forthcoming.

o          Kant's Conception of Virtue, in Jarhbuch für Recht und Ethik/Annual Review of Law and Ethics Vol. 5, forthcoming.

o          Love in Vain, Southern Journal of Philosophy Supplement: Spindel Conference on Kant's "Metaphysics of Morals", forthcoming.

o          Kant's Conception of Merit, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 77 (1996) 313-337.

o          Expressing a Good Will: Kant on the Motive of Duty, Southern Journal of Philosophy, Summer, 1996, XXXIV, No. 2.

o          Deontological Ethics, Supplement to the Encyclopedia of Philosophy. (NY: Macmillan, 1996).

o          Review of Marcia Baron, Kantian Ethics Almost Without Apology (Cornell University Press, 1995), The Philosophical Review; forthcoming.

·      Ronald Judy, Kant and the Negro (PDF).

·      Christine M. Korsgaard’s writings.

·      Roman Kozlowski, Der Apriorismus Kants im Lichte der Interpretation Maimons in World Congress of Philosophy.

·      Toshio Kurozumi, Kants Transzendentalpholosophie als die immanente in World Congress of Philosophy.

·      John W. Lango, Is Kant's Ethics Overly Demanding? in World Congress of Philosophy.

·      Tom Leddy, "Kant's Aesthetics: Tattoos, Architecture and Gender-Bending".

·      Scarlett Marton, Nietzsche et Kant: Philosophie, Critique et Morale in World Congress of Philosophy.

·      Marxist Immanuel Kant: Ethics Reference Archive (list of links to various etexts).

·      Thomas J. McFarlane, Kant and Mathematical Knowledge (1995).

·      Hugo Meynell, Hume, Kant, and Rational Theism, Truth Journal.

·      John J. Ming, The Categorical Imperative, The Catholic Encyclopedia.

·      Kurt Mosser, Bonjour, Kant, and The A Priori, Disputatio 7 (November 1999) (pdf)

·      Richard E. Palmer, An Introduction to Husserl's Marginal Remarks in Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics (pdf)

·      Stephen Palmquist, How "Chinese" Was Kant? shortened form on the homepage of the online version of Philosophy magazine.

·      Adrian Peperzak, Book Review of Weatherston, Martin, Heidegger’s Interpretation of Kant: Categories, Imagination, and Temporality.

·      Alexander R. Pruss:

o          Kantian Maxims and Lying

o          Lying, Deception and Kant

·      Kelley L. Ross’s home page, various articles on Kant.

·      Daniel Rothbart, Irmgard Scherer, Kant's Critique of Judgment and the Scientific Investigation of Matter.

·      Philip McPherson Rudisill's home page includes links to numerous essays and musings relating to Kant, most notably:

o          Sagan and Kant

o          Kant On The Recognition Of Dreams

o          A Priori Envisagements

o          Kant's Conception of Object [or: Kant in a NutShell].

o          The A Version of Kant's Transcendental Deduction of the Categories.  

o          In Pursuit of the Object: Kant's Thinking in Development.

·      Geoffrey Sayre-McCord, Kant's Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals. A brief, selective summary of sections I and II (in PDF format).

·      Jörg Schroth's (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen) Bibliography of kant literature (chronological) (alphabetical)

·      Roger Scruton, Immanuel Kant and the Iraq War (pdf)

·      Wilfrid Sellars:

o          Kant's Transcendental Idealism in Collections of Philosophy 6 (1976): 165-181

o          The Role of the Imagination in Kant's Theory of Experience in Categories: A Colloquium, edited by Henry W. Johnstone, Jr. (Pennsylvania State University, 1978).

·      Theresa M. Senft "Spare Parts" Personal musings of a cybercolumnist on life and experience within Kant's philosophical framework. from the anthology, The End(s) of Performance, Peggy Phelan and Jill Lane, eds. New York University Press, 1997

·      Lisa Shabel, Kant's Philosophy of Mathematics The Cambridge Companion to Kant, 2nd edition (Cambridge University Press) (pdf)

·      Georg Simmel, Was ist uns Kant?

·      Houston Smit, Book review of: Shabel, Lisa, Mathematics in Kant’s Critical Philosophy.

·      Antoinette M. Stafford, Kant and Kierkegaard: The subjectivization of Faith.

·      Peter Suber, The Paradox of Liberation; Infinite Reflections in the St. John's Review XLIV, 2 (1998) 1-59; Metaphilosophy, Topics (numerous references to Kant).

·      Thomas Teo, Methodologies of critical psychology: Illustrations from the field of racism Published in Annual Review of Critical Psychology, 1, 119-134. (uses Kant's racism as a key example)

·      Brian Tierney, Permissive Natural Law and Property: Gratian to Kant, Journal of the History of Ideas (subscription required)

·      Soshichi Uchii, Sidgwick on Kant and Sidgwick's Three Principles and Hare's Universalizability.

·      Rob van Gerwen’s home page, with articles, book reviews, papers presented on Kant.  (pdf)

·      Macus Verhaegh, Kant and Property Rights, Journal of Libertarian Studies 18.3 (Summer 2004), pp.11-32. (pdf)

·      José Luis Villacañas Berlanga:

o          La formación de la Crítica de la razón Pura. con Prólogo de Fernando Montero Moliner, Universidad de Valencia, 1980, 334 páginas. (pdf)

o          Racionalidad Crítica, Ed. Tecnos, Madrid, 1987. 327 páginas. (pdf)

·      Eric Watkins, Kant's Philosophy of Science.

·      Daryl J. Wennemann, The Role of Love in the Thought of Kant and Kierkegaard, in World Congress of Philosophy.

·      Allen Wood’s home page, lots of writings on Kant there.

·      Wing-Chun Wong, A Kantian Interpretation of Demonstrative Reference, in World Congress of Philosophy.

·      Edward W. Younkins, Immanuel Kant: Ayn Rand Intellectual Enemy

·      Slavoj Zizek, Kant and Sade: The Ideal Couple

·      Rachel Zuckert, Book Review of Karl Ameriks, Interpreting Kant's Critiques (Oxford, 2003)

·      劉桂標, 論康德的根本惡說── 兼略論以此說比較儒家性善論的局限 An articles on Kants propensity to evil and the constraints of Confucians theory on virtue




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